All Shipping, depending on the region, with live birds is through Delta Airlines, USPS and Spee-Dee Delivery. We Guarantee live delivery on 1 day delivery shipments only.
There is no shipping in weeks with holidays and birds are shipped every tuesday. Box charges are factored into the shipping cost.

All sales are final when the birds are shipped. There are no returning the birds. We recommend adding insurance to your order and priority express has a $100 claim coverage without insurance. Immediate inspection is necessary to insure damage didn't occur during shipping and the birds are alive at delivery. If the bird dies during shipping you can file a claim thru USPS. and we can help with the process. We only have a live guarantee within the 1 shipping day timetable. If shipping takes longer than the 1 day we don't guarantee live delivery and will have to file a claim with USPS if a bird dies on delivery. We recommend delta airlines and/or speedee delivery where available for 1 day delivery.